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welcome to my site!


Hi! My name is Thomas Ebner and  I´m a musician, drummer, producer and teacher from Meran/o, located in the very north of Italy in a region called South Tyrol.

My musical carrier started when I was 9 years old by learning the recorder... I wanted to play the drums, but unfortunately there was no place left in the drum class at the local music school and also my parents weren't amused about me making too much noise at home =)

So after insisting for two more years, I had my first drum lesson by the age of 11 and it never really stoped from there.

Already as a teenager I could gather invaluable experiences by playing musicals, concerts and competitions with bands and as a solo artist. With these impressions in mind, for me it was pretty soon clear, that I wanted to make more out of that and so I decided to go to London to study popular music at the BIMM (British & Irish Modern Music Institute).


I was very fortunate to be able to learn from  the best session musicians in Europe, attend Masterclasses from the best drummers in the world and being inspired by so many people and other students following the same dream.

Back at home by now I work as a drummer for different bands, producing records for my own projects, doing remote online drum tracks and teach drums in and around my hometown. On this site I would like to share with you my work and keep you updated. Feel free to follow me on socials and/ or drop me a message through the contact box at the end of this site.

Keep groovin`


what I do


There is nothing like playing live music in front of an audience. I regularly tour with the alpine-world-music band Vino Rosso, which I´m a founding member of.

Furthermore I do a lot of session work for function bands and singer songwriter, playing in every possible musical style, ranging from heavy rock songs to soft jazz ballads.


In my home studio I have the possibility to do professional drum recordings. A range of different drums, cymbals and microphones are available to find the right sound for any song.

I love to focus on groove and feel, to find and play the right thing in the right spot.

Find more information about my recording approach and gear on the dedicated recording section below.


Studying an instrument is not only the best way for us to learn how to express ourselves through an instrument, but also to learn how to communicate with each other, how to listen carefully to fellow people/ musicians and to be persistent in reaching our goals.



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Since I can remember music has been a very important part of my life and I would love to bring your song to the next level, focusing on groove, feel and energy. 
I got to know many different aspects of playing and music production, which I`m combining with my own creativity to make your song sounding even better and unique.

I mainly play a vintage Ludwig kit from the 60s combined with different snare drums. Microphone selections include: Beyerdynamic M160, Beyerdynamic M201, Sennheiser MD441, AKG D12VR, Shure SM81 ecc. 

I like to use Ribbon Mics as Overheads and Room Mics. I record with analog Audient preamps and the UAD Apollo interface, which allows me to recreate the legendary sound of API, NEVE and SSL preamps.

Feel free to contact me directly or through the SoundBetter link below: 

An online plattform to hire session musicians, singer, songwriter and producer.


If you have questions about my work, want me to play drums on your next song, or are interested in drumlessons...
Let´s get in touch!